Why Parent’s Can’t Always be Carefree, but Kids Should Be

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Silly Faces of a Carefree Childhood
Silly Faces of a Carefree Childhood


Have you noticed how things can easily piss you off as an adult?  If only we could keep our childlike attitudes, and be more easy going.  One of the things I miss about being a kid is not having to worry so much about things like we do now as adults. Let nature takes it course, let things fall into place, let what’s meant to be, be.  Naturally everything will work out for the best right?  Wrong!  Don’t burrow your eyebrows.  Hear me out. As a parent, now that we are grown, we need to enforce the rules, make sure that the environment we have for our children is one that allows them to be carefree and happy.  So yes it is nice to let go a little as adults, but we also have responsibilities that little ones do not and should not have.  We have to make sure that they are safe and feel safe.  We have to not only tell them but show them to be kind, polite, to share, to think, to feel safe talking to us.  So while they are outside running around or jumping in the pool, always keep your watchful eye on them, because they are allowed to be carefree only during these years.  When teenagedom and adulthood hit them, it will all be different then.  So have fun, smile, live life like it’s going out of style, but remember to raise the little ones with love, understanding and with rules.  Life gets tougher, our decisions impact our futures and we have to prepare them for this.  Parenting is difficult but coming from a place of love can’t steer you wrong.  Talk to you kids and help them understand why we do what we do and are how we are, it will only benefit you.


Mama’s Summertime Blues

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Silly monkeys making silly faces
My monkeys acting silly

Summertime, a time for spontaneity, adventures and discovery.  So why am I experiencing Mama’s summertime blues?  Because as a full time parent, I miss out on the opportunities to do these things in the summer.  My kids know that mommy and daddy have to go to work, but it lays heavy in my soul, some times more than others, that we don’t get to make as many special memories because of the lack of time.  Yes I am aware, to make the moments we do have together special, and I’m aware of being grateful and looking at the bright side, but right now I just want to gripe okay? At times I want more than evenings and weekends.  My mom made a good point the other day and it had me in a pensive state.  As I grew up, my mom had to work all the time, sometimes crazy hours and we had to make due somehow.  First I went to summer camp at the Ywca and had a wonderful time, and then as I got older, I stayed home and watched my little sister and cousin.  I don’t remember spending that much time with my mom.  Now as a grandparent, she gets to spend so much time with my kids, more than I do at times.  So as a grandmother, she gets to enjoy her grand-kids more than she did her own kids.  Deep!  And so is life, the cycle of motherhood.

While I yearn to be with my babies when I know they are off from school I accept that such is life.  I have to make due with the time I have and make those summertime memories in the evenings and weekends.  To working parents out there, how do you handle these mixed emotions of being a being pulled in two different directions?  How do you find a work/life balance that satisfies your soul?





Learning Can Be Fun

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Do you have a hard time keeping the kids educated during the summer time?  I find it’s difficult to keep them in a learning mode when it’s all about play time and no school.  Above is a regular evening of sitting him down to do some math, not so happy face.  I can’t blame him, they work hard throughout the school year.  I remember how much fun our summers were as kids, but I also didn’t have such a hard time picking up things I’ve learned like my son seems to have.  So it’s something I struggle with.  I’ve started making it a part of our weeks.  At least every other day, which I believe is fair, we make sure to read, write and do math.  After all practice is what keeps us up to date on things.  Some days he fights this more than others, but parents can’t give in.  I have to be stern about it or he’ll always try to wiggle his way out of it.  The other day I said, let’s play school and this was such a hit.  We took about an hour and I had my son and daughter play the students.  I was Mrs. Studdlemuffin, but they didn’t like that name lol.  So I shortened it to mrs. Muffin. It was funny to me and they smiled at it.  We did some homework, had a pretend recess, had a fake trip to the zoo, had science class, did more homework, fake lunch, more homework and then it was time to go home.  Of course we shortened the time for everything, first homework page was about 10 minutes, fake recess was about 5 minutes, fake zoo trip was checking out our dogs who were pretend lions and tigers and then going outside and looking for lizards and beetles, 10 minutes.  You get the point, make it fun.  Lunch was a quick snack of grapes and strawberries and by the end of the hour, we had done some educational work and had fun along the way.

Princess Coronation Braid

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 Coronation braid

All the girls are raving about Queen Elsa’s coronation braid from the Disney hit movie Frozen.  There are a ton of tutorials out there to follow.  The other day I made the mistake of showing my four year old a pin I found that I could not wait to try on her.  Apparently she could not wait either, she needed it now!  As in then and there at 9pm after her bath with no where to go but straight to bed.  Being summer and all, I gave in, partly because I was hoping to have a peaceful evening without any whining and partly because it was good to practice.  Here’s what we came up with.  It always helps to have clean hair, combed well without any knots.  I made a side braid with some loosened hair to the front because Addison doesn’t have bangs, but Elsa does in this pic.  Elsa has a twist, but remember this was just a quick practice run.   Then I braided the other side and tied both ends in the middle like a tiny loop, but she was worried about the front, it had to be just right.  Next time it will be a swept up side like the actual Elsa, but this was a good shot if you ask both of us.  What do you think?

Is one of the most successful women in Music being cheated on?

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I don’t know about you but I am highly disappointed to hear all of the JayZ/Beyonce Divorce and Cheating Rumors.  Everyone is still speculating about Solange kicking Jay’s azz on that elevator but things just don’t make sense.  Why in the world would Beyonce stay so calm and collected IF Solange was sticking up for her?  I don’t see that.  I mean I have kicked azz for my sister and it was really the one and only time I threw down hardcore and all but she was in the fight too.  She wasn’t just standing there like a fly on the wall.  What I find ironic is how her songs seem a bit desperate, gone are the empowering songs like, Irreplaceable, Me, Myself and I and Single Ladies.  Now she’s talking bout drunk in love and even in the video she looks like shes sending a message, this is MAH MAN Bi*ches!  Don’t you agree.

bey and Jay drunk in love
This is MY MAN, Back off!


And then in her song, Partition, she’s saying, I just wanna be the kind of girl you like.  What?  Bey.. come on now, you should already be the kind of woman he adores.  I can’t understand why JayZ would step out on this beauty and yes I know that beauty is only skin deep, maybe she’s not nice, but I find that hard to believe.  She’s always been pleasant in interviews and seems so down to earth and I would lose even more faith in Men and their abilities to be faithful.

Only time will tell, in the meantime, I still can’t wait for the tell all book in 20 years that will really tell us what went down in that Elevator when Solange went all Ninja on Jigga man!



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A Blog and A Dream

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In the middle of trying to decide on a permanent URL name for my blog, I find myself trying to identify myself even further.  This blog started with a story I wrote in a writing class because I want to eventually write a book.  Ever since I was a little girl in elementary school, I enjoyed writing.  Reading and getting lost in books was a piece of heaven for me.  Then learning I could do this, what a light bulb moment.  But in this year of blogging, I’ve realized I’ve stopped thinking much about my dream of writing a book and that made me sad.  Follow your passion they say, do what you love they say, your good at it they say.  I can say that writing here and now contributing articles to Beinglatino.us are actually baby steps towards this dream of mine. Practice makes best right?  I just need to start putting a little more effort into researching how to get my first book out and I need to do it soon.  I am resourceful and I can do this!