Fear of Summer Camp

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Fear can be debilitating and it creeps back into my mind taking over my brain every so often even though I know I should not live fearfully.  As a parent, we worry about our little ones, wondering if they are safe when we are not with them.  My son started summer day camp today and I stressed myself out over this for days, agonizing about the “what ifs”.  What if they don’t watch him well, what if he drowns at the pool, what if a mean bully pushes him underwater, what if, what if, what if??? Why did I wreck my brain with this stuff?  Because i’m a worry wart, and for whatever reason I’m wired this way.  I couldn’t tell you if it was taught to me or if I was born this way. I can share that my son began to worry too and this is NOT what I wanted.  I transposed some of my fear unto him. I felt horrible.  I calmed myself down and him as well.  We were both glad to see three of his friends there when I dropped him off this morning.  That surely helped.  And as I left him, he stayed in my thoughts all day long.  The day came and went, slowly, but to my pleasant surprise he was so happy when he was picked up.  He was so excited he got to ride a bus for the first time EVER 🙂  He did not drown, no one roughhoused him at the pool, he had a GREAT day and we couldn’t be happier.  He can’t wait for movie day tomorrow.  

Forgive me for worrying Lord, I am sometimes weak.  


3 thoughts on “Fear of Summer Camp

    Melissa Greene said:
    August 20, 2013 at 4:33 am

    Believe me all mothers feel this way. I am what if’s times four 😀


    Edith Rankin said:
    December 19, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    Worry wart is what we become after being Mothers!


    […] Remember my post about my fear of summer camp and the anxiety I passed on to my son last year?  (Read that post here).  Well this is my son’s 2nd year and it’s been great!  Well, almost! He hasn’t […]


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