So there’s this woman…..

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There’s this woman that many times gets on my nerves.  She’s self righteous and can be slightly annoying.  She’s super critical and never bites her tongue.  This bothers me since most of the time, it is I on the receiving end of her judgmental cold words.  She doesn’t sugarcoat and she doesn’t soften the blow with her sharp verbal jabs.  We are so different and I’m not sure why. I pride myself with the fact that I do not pass judgement on people’s choices (when it doesn’t affect me, that is).  To each his own, I think.  However, this same woman holds a strong confident aura about herself.  Her words are so sure, despite the right or wrong, she exudes a strength I sometimes envy.  What it must be like to be so fearless and sure that what is, IS?  I don’t always understand her, but knowing that I envy her a little, actually makes me proud to call her mom, because who doesn’t want to ooze fearlessness?  Despite the many times I feel she needs to bring it down a notch, it leaves me in awe when this same passion she uses to express her simple opinions show me the true strength of faith and experience.


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