Month: September 2013

In the Midst of Chaos

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Sometimes stress makes me feel like I can’t breathe.  And before I elaborate let me preface this post by saying that I am a very positive person.  I don’t like to complain not only because there aren’t many that will listen (smile) but because I prefer to look at the bright side of things.  People describe me as happy go lucky or carefree.  I’m not always like this but I have taught myself to pause and recenter myself.  Sometimes however, your body makes you very aware that the stress it taking it’s toll.  Headaches and heartaches.

It is a very busy time at work, it’s busy at home, things needing repair, unplanned expenses, then kids doctors appointments, school activities and that’s all good.   It’s the people stressing you out that can do more damage.  People can suck the light out of your soul and you have to work hard at not allowing this.  And then there’s the hormones, that time of the month that leaves you unnerved, you are extra sensitive and your patience is thinner than usual.  It can be difficult when you don’t feel any support or true understanding.  As the saying goes, an empty bag cannot stand alone.  Don’t let others suck the energy, passion or joy out of you.

Trying to stay afloat in the midst of chaos, at home, at work, in your personal life can be a struggle.  But if you look at the cup as half full, your perspective will shift.  You think of those little things that one day will be the big things.  The toddler asking if getting fired from work means you will be set on fire (lol), the six year old telling you that he got in trouble for saying the F word and when you ask, scared to hear it, “What is the F word?”, he responds “Fat” and you let out a loud relieving laugh.  (I knew there was no way he knew the F word dammit!) The moments that you’ll think back on, reflecting and realizing how important they were and knowing that a little stress at work and home is just a normal part of the package.  This package called life.  Some days it will be harder than others, but you must go on and be strong, take the stress and breathe it out so you can continue to breathe life in.


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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I was given a very important message today from a great friend that I had not spoken to in months.  It was a brief call and she was extremely surprised that I called her out of the blue.  We shared a few things with each other and one of the things I told her was about a social media conference I attended a few weeks ago.  I won a pass and was able to go one day.  It was the Niche Parent Social Conference in Fort Lauderdale.  I was simply amazed at the things I learned.  I did not realize that blogging was so deep!  It’s a whole new world out there in cyberspace and, there are some AMAZING writers that I’ve stumbled upon.  I learned so much and felt so blessed to be able to attend, if even for a day.  However, afterwords, I felt inadequate in regard to my writing skills and to this blog in particular.  They gave us a little badge with our twitter address and the name of our blog.  On the bottom it said “Blogger/Social Influencer”.  Who did I think I was, that I could just put stuff out in cyberspace and think it was of value?  I am in no way the type of blogger that the bloggers there are.  I was so impressed with them and at the same time I felt out of place.  These great writers have thousands and thousands of followers and I barely have hit 50.

During the classes I felt energized and jotted down so many ideas for my little blog, In the Motherhood Full of Dreams.  But then I just felt bla and out of place.  So I haven’t written anything in a while.

My friend shared how her own passion for Yoga, something she picked up recently and has now mastered (my own opinion not her words lol) is something she does not question.  She feels so confident in doing this thing she loves that she doesn’t stop to think about whether or not others are better at it than her.  She told me to stop comparing myself to others, to just do what I love, which is to write and share stories.  I am reminded that I didn’t start this blog to impress anyone, I didn’t do it for any other reason but to express myself.  I have to be honest with myself as I’ve always been and start writing honestly again.  People will judge, will have opinions and that’s okay.  I am a new blogger, I do not expect to “blow up” as some of us say, overnight.  This blog is my place to share my stories about MY Motherhood and my dreams and so I am back!  Stay tuned…..

and thank YOU for reading my words! 🙂

My Brain Is A Speed Train

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A million thoughts a minute, here and gone, what was I thinking?  Where’s my to do list?  Oh, right, it’s in my head.  Yeah, the one that forgets every other minute of her thoughts because they are as fast as a speeding train.  I have to prepare my daughters birthday party invitations, find a place to print some business cards by tomorrow, I have to request the correct days off at work for September, I have to plan a Halloween Party and a huge expo at work.  There are a ton of other things work related and home/kid related.  Where do I start and when does it end? I am actually kind of excited with all this buzz and busyness but I sure hope I can get organized and fast. I have a hair appt tomorrow and then I have to get my nails done and these are things I do only every 3 months or so 🙂 But it is falling all together at once.  So in the morning i’ll hand out my daughters party invites at her school, then maybe during my lunch break I can find a place to print my business cards and after work I will head to my appointments.  So much to do, so little time, time to get popping.  Can you share your tips on how you keep track of your to do items when life is flying by faster than you can catch your breath? Share your ideas, thanks.