Customer Service is a Dying Art Form

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How many times do you walk into a store and immediately think to yourself, “ILK, these workers are rude.”  Some places truly know how to make you feel welcomed into their retail space while others leave you feeling that they truly do not care about your dollar or loyalty.  There are certain stores that I frequent.  I’d say I have 5 top places that I do my usual shopping at for clothes, food and misc supplies.  If one person that works there makes a real connection with you, with a simple honest ” Hello, how can I help you?” or a short conversation about your needs that day, this can make you return time and time again.  There are places that I refuse to go to because the customer service simply sucks!

Some big retail stores take customer service very seriously, because these companies understand that this dying art form is the key to their success.  Take Bed Bath and Beyond for example, their associates will bend over backwards to keep you as a customer.  At least here in South West Florida they do.  They treat customers like royalty and provide you with a pleasant shopping experience.

I do recognize that there are nasty shoppers/customers out there who make it difficult for some people to provide wonderful customer service, but that’s another topic for another time.

Tip to employees working in retail:  Remember that the bottom line of the business is to make a profit, you make more profit by keeping customers and making new loyal ones.  Yes you do deal with a lot of BS at times, but don’t let one mean customer sway you from the art form of Customer Service, let’s keep it alive!




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