Month: December 2013

The Day I Killed Our Christmas Tree

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We had a real tree for about ten days this year.  It was 7 feet tall, green, vibrant, and it made the house smell so Christmasy.  It was placed in a new location this time around, not our usual spot.  We spent a few hours decorating it making sure it was just right. My few fancy ornaments placed precisely on each meant to be pine branch.  Then one day, I turned into the tree terminator.  How I turned into this vicious malicious grinch you wonder?  I simply wanted to move the tree from its new spot to the usual spot.  Now let me tell you that I am a smart cookie, howeeevverrrr, when it comes to simple things, sometimes, as I’m sure many of you can relate, common sense is just not so common, HA!  I proceeded to pull the tree from the base, paying careful attention not to spill any water, I went slowly, carefully, gently and about 75% of the way through, Boom, I didn’t even get to yell, “Timbeerrrrrr”!  The tree fell, smack, down, cracked some of my ornaments, water everywhere, pine needles allllll over, in various rooms, tears flowing from my eyes, my rug wet, my dog scared, my kids expression, what the hell did I just do?!  I tried to lift up the tree about ten times, my six year old son tried to help me, and no such luck.  We were devastated.  I dragged that heavy tree OUT of the house and cleaned up the huge mess.  It looked like I was never going to finish, but when I finally did, off to Target we went.  There were three trees left, an enormous one, a puny one, and then a six foot, skinny but would do, one. The cashier could not believe I found a tree back there.  We came home, put up our faux tree, decorated and placed it in the usual right spot.  I also brought inside the baby tree we had also purchased with the momma tree ten days before.  I put lights on it, and Voila, Le Christmas was saved!  So even though our faux tree is 1/2 the size, fluffy wise mostly, than our real tree was, it has fulfilled its duty.  I can always burn my yankee candles that smell like pine trees and wreaths.  Merry Christmas everyone and to all a good night!

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