Review – Chen’s China Bistro

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We had a quick lunch at Chen’s China Bistro at 1242 SW Pine Island Rd, Cape Coral, FL.  I saw the restaurant while driving down that road and told my husband we had to check it out.  It did not look like your usual take out Chinese restaurant, the windows were tinted, it looked like a sit down place, the kind I hadn’t seen in the Cape yet.  We had many of these in NJ and NY and I was excited that this would be similar to those.

We stopped in with just 30 minutes to spare.  As I walked in, I said ooooohh, aaaahhh, not because it was out of this world, but because it was out of the normal “Cape” world.  Finally, I thought, a nice Chinese sit down restaurant.  They smiled at us, they asked where we would want to sit, a booth or a table.  We asked for a booth.

They offer bubble tea but we didn’t try it this time.  We ordered lunch specials, which to my surprise they had even on a Sunday.  Boneless spare ribs and Chicken Lo Mein.  The meals were priced modestly.  We had the usual choice of either soup or egg roll.  We both ordered Wonton Soup and it was delicious.  They brought out those little strips, don’t know the name, that you dip in duck sauce, YUM!

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Our meals came out and they were smaller than what we are used to.  Not your typical Chinese food portion nor restaurant size but they were still probably more than what a normal serving should be.  I’ve noticed this more and more with restaurants and their serving smaller portions.   My husband thought  the rice was brown rice but it was fried rice just almost like it was healthier.  They were fast and friendly.  The atmosphere was very pleasant, lovely Asian decorations inside.  My only complaint would be that the backing of the booth seats were loose and so if the people on either side of us moved too hard, we’d feel the push.  I’m not sure if this was the case at all booths, but it was on the one we sat, but not a biggie.

We totally recommend this place, it’s a must go!

Chen 1


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