Month: February 2014

Yoplait Whips (Yogurt Mousse) Review

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Yoplait Whips are DELICIOUS!!!!! Have you tried them yet?  If not, what are you waiting for? They are soooo good.  These yogurt whips are fluffy, light yet very filling.  My favorite is the Key Lime Pie.  When I eat this yogurt it truly feels like I am eating a delicious slice of actual Key Lime Pie.  It’s a little piece of heaven and very satisfying.  Their tagline hits it on the money, It is so good!  No High Fructose Corn Syrup and Gluten free.  Under 200 calories, make sure you give this treat a try!  Let me know your thoughts if you try this. I highly recommend.



Where Are Our Medical Practices Headed?

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We’re told time and time again, get your check ups.  Don’t forget your annual physicals.  But more and more this business that doctors run are losing their caring for humanity.  I mean come on!  Yes I realize its a business but where is the compassion.  I’ve always had issues with Florida Doctors and questioned their integrity.  I didn’t ever have issues with my medical providers in NJ, but since day one of my first visit to a Dr when I moved here to FL, nothing but question marks all around.  The very first doctor I saw was so out of tune, so uncaring, so rude, I was literally in shock, after my first visit.  Anywho the point of this little story here, is to share with you that as I called to make an appointment for my annual well woman visit, I was told that I could not make one  because I had an outstanding balance.  “Okay, for how much?” I asked.  “$90”, the receptionist said.  I don’t recall having a balance so I asked for more info.  She couldn’t give it to me! I’d have to call their collection agency, ask details, set up a payment plan, get a confirmation number and then call her back to make an appointment.  Are you freaking kidding me?  What are we, 10?  This sounds like a good idea to keep my kids in check.  Make them prove things! But for real, damn.  I mean I know there are people out there that may try to escape the due diligence of having to pay their bills; And there are some people that just can’t afford it, I get it.  But I can’t get an appointment because of $90 dollars?????  It’s not even past $100, it’s not like it’s a thousand dollars, you are refusing care for me because of 90 freaking dollars!!!!!  Ridiculous!  Our system is broken and it’s going nowhere fast.  When I have time in the next few weeks, after all of the regular stuff I have to do, I’ll call them and find out what the balance is from, pay it off and call them for an appointment to go have my annual well woman visit.  Hopefully I won’t have to wait three months for an appointment due to all the patients they try to stuff into their practices.  


Use Your Imagination

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Tonight, the kids were riding their scooters indoors.  Through the living room, into the dining room, crossing the kitchen, to the bedrooms, all the while saying things like, “The bus is leaving for New Jersey”, “Now its time to go to New York”, “We are almost there”.  I couldn’t help but stop, listen and smile.  To be young again, to use our imagination to take us home, or take us to new places.  We can do it too, re connect with your mind power, let it move you.  If you are having a moment and can’t physically get away, use your imagination.  Close you eyes, focus on your breathing, and in your mind create a new scenario.  Tell us where is your imagination going to take you?