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Phensri Thai, North Fort Myers, FL – Restaurant Review

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Phensri Thai

If you are a Thai Food Fan, you will surely enjoy Phensri-Thai in North Fort Myers.  We have lived less than a mile from this Thai restaurant for years and yet never noticed it until recently.  A  typical hole in the wall that was not typical at all.  You can’t see inside the restaurant from the outside.  Windows are tinted and have blinds.  It’s dark and all you see is the neon sign with it’s name.  The restaurant is in the Orange Grove Plaza near Publix and it blends in almost too well.  As we stepped in, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually packed.  Not line waiting packed, but full.  It was like a secret club inside, everyone was in on it, except us.  Our waiter had a smile on his face the entire time and was very pleasant and willing to answer our questions about the menu.  We are not Thai Food Fans but are foodies and the food was oh so yummy.  The customer service was on point, setting was cultural, cute small bamboo bar and a built in wall display that resembled an altar or ode to the Thai culture.

We played it safe and had the Thai Fried Rice.  A little sweeter than regular fried rice.  The chicken soup with rice noodles is a must try.  The chicken satay with peanut butter sauce was very filling.  We will be a bit more adventurous next time because we will most definetly visit Phensri-Thai again.

20140328_195707  Thai Chicken Soup





I Used To Be An Addict Of Minecraft

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Minecraft 1 Minecraft 2

My 7 year old used to be addicted to Minecraft. However, I found a way to break that addiction and mine as well. What do I mean? My name is Janeth and I am a recovering Minecraft addict. See, when my son first downloaded this game around New Years, I thought it was silly. He could build things out of blocks of grass, dirt, wood, glass, etc and he could make animals show up, like cows, pigs, ducks, sheep. “Big whoop deedo”, I thought, and “BORING!” Until one day I picked up his Ipad to figure out what this Minecraft was all about and boom, 2 hours later I had just made the first floor of my 3 story mansion! I made a farm, I made a house for my neighbors, I made a mini mall… Child, I had issues! In that month span of time, I really had no life! I spent hours on this thing for a few weeks, What da hell was wrong with me?! I knew I had a serious problem when I started to cry because my little girl made a hole so deep that animals fell into this hole and could not get out. I HAVE ISSUES, I KNOW!  It’s a freaking game for God’s sake.

Anywho my son would come home and ask to play this game, every day. This was affecting his grades and schoolwork and I was upset about this, things had to change!  I wanted to blame my husband for introducing him to games and electronics but here I was, a grown woman, addicted as well. One sad day, my son deleted my Minecraft world, by accident, and that was the day I regained my life back (lol). (You know I’m exaggerating right). We decided to try something drastic! We implemented a harsh punishment on my son, NO GAMES for 30 days! I admit I was afraid we would not be able to keep up our tough act and worried we’d give in to this new rule as we have given in on a few things in the past. But no, for the most part, we stuck to it. It’s day 27 and day 30 is only 3 days away and we are going to make it AND even better his grades have improved! YES in just one month! How do I know, because the school emails us weekly grades believe it or not (which is slightly annoying).

During this month, we’ve only allowed our son to play Minecraft a total of 2 times, both were at family dinners, because his cousin was also playing Minecraft and it would be unfair to say “no, you can only watch him.” Plus if we wanted to have a peaceful meal, this was the price we paid, not too bad in my opinion.  He didn’t whine for the game after, he didn’t cry and beg. He is asking when the month is going to be up but not in a tantrum kind of way, just curiosity. And when the month is over, we’ll only allow it on weekends and only for a few hours max. So we broke the spell and this means, you can do it too! Is anyone else addicted or was addicted to this game or another?  Do share 🙂



Stella & Dot, Making Women Feel Fabulous!

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I ordered earrings from Stella & Dot but what I received was an experience. Their packaging comes very personalized with messages like, “You’re Gorgeous, Tres Chic and Hey There Beautiful.”  Even though I made this purchase for myself it felt like someone was sending me a gift.   It made a moment in my day, stand out, I felt special and I did indeed feel Fabulous just like the little thank you note said.


The packaging is creative, warm and Tres Chic itself.  As for the earrings I ordered, well THEY were beautiful and I can’t wait to rock them.


After having my experience opening my cute little package, I decided to look into who was behind this Stella & Dot, what are they about?

Jessica Herrin worked in corporate America and in 2003 she started Luxe Jewels from her Living Room.  (She’s also known for her very popular In 2007 Blythe Harris joined as a partner and they re-named the business after their grandmothers, Stella & Dot.  How cute is that?! Jessica wanted a business where she was her own boss and managed her own calendar.  As a mother, she understood the struggle women faced in a regular 9 to 5.  She created a business where similar to Mary Kay, women could be entrepreneurs and create careers in which they are their own boss.  There is a wonderful interview with Jessica on Maria Shriver’s blog, you can find that here:

I highly recommend the tips she shares on her time management.  So many of us juggle various hats and roles in our lives and she hits it on the nail  describing how we can better manage our duties and realize that not everything is that important.

If you haven’t yet experienced a purchase from Stella & Dot, check out my fabulous stylists site, The Fabulous Leslie Gil, at

Happy Shopping!

Women’s Day, More Than Once a Year Please!

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We women are the backbone of our families, we know it, we live it and we do it without question. We get so tied up managing our households, careers, marriage, children and juggling kids sports, activities, play dates, parties etc., (the list can go on and on and on) that we many times, leave little time for ourselves.  We continuously push ourselves past our physical limits and end up tired, grouchy, angry or hurt.  We tell each other to take time for ourselves but speaking it and doing it are two different things. Some of us are lucky to have a support system that helps us with the gazillion things we juggle.  Mothers, sisters, friends, in-laws, cousins, neighbors, brothers, husbands, etc. Thank you Lord for our support system because without them, I think the asylums would have waiting lists.
After a busy start to the year, I was able to finally have some ME time, when my sister in law planned a woman’s get together for International Women’s Day. I quickly phoned the hubby to make sure he’d be off of work that day so that I could join in on the event.  The event was 2 hours and during that time, my mom/wife switch was turned off, and the woman/friend switch turned on.  We had a great night with delicious snacks (pigs in a blanket, a heavenly dip sauce, a fruit tray, spinach hors d’oeuvres, cheese and crackers, empanadas) and yummy drinks (Sangria and Kinky liqueur Vodka, the name alone cracked us up).  After some wonderful conversation, my sister in law who is a Medium, led a short prayer, had us light small candles and state our intentions/wishes and then we each pulled a card from her Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue anyone?).  All of us felt the cards we pulled for ourselves hit home for us.  A message directly meant for us.  I pulled the card for Goddess Ixchel, the Mayan Mood Goddess and how fitting with my Mayan Heritage.


The cards meaning from Doreen Virtue’s guide read:

“Commanding power is not the same as demanding it. Demanding comes from a childlike place akin to a tantrum, based upon the fear that it might be withheld. Commanding comes from the sure and steady knowledge that you are part of the Great Spirit’s grace and wisdom. You are a lightening rod that can conduct the power. Simply connect to the power through unyielding clarity of your thought processes. Don’t wave for a moment in your sure and steady decision to be a conduit of the power that already resides within you. Connect to the even bigger source, and allow it to amplify your natural power. In this way, you are a steady connector of the Infinite, from the Infinite, to the Infinite. In other words, it’s all Spirit: around you, through you, and to whomever you are healing”.

Below is a pic of the second page of guide:Image

 How Awesome is that! It’s empowering, and whichever way you look at it, the message is powerful.  Read between the lines, and it hits home.  Command a room’s attention, don’t demand it.  Be in tune with your inner healing power that I believe all women have, from the depths of our love to the infinite giving we do day in and day out.
This was such a wonderful experience, moving and freeing.  Women holding hands in a circle, feeling each others positive vibrations, all wishing the others desires will come true.  As women, we should find the time, make the time, even force the time to do this every so often so that we can regenerate.  As much as we do for everyone else, let us never forget to feed our souls.

El Gaucho Inca – Restaurant Review (Fort Myers, FL)

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We stumbled upon this restaurant as we drove by coming off of I-75.  The name caught our attention and lucky for us, we stopped in.  As soon as you step into El Gaucho Inca, you feel transported to another place, not Fort Myers.  You first see a wall full of wines, beautifully organized into a custom built wine holder.  There are two barrels of wines with counter tops, which serve as a seating area if they have a wait.  The attention they’ve put towards decorating makes this place unique.  There is a cute cozy white couch in the back area to have drinks it seems.  Very chic.  There is a cozy indented wall with a lovely seating arrangement for two.  The rest of the place has booths and tables but lovely nonetheless.  Everywhere you look there is an item relevant to the theme of the restaurant, Peruvian (Inca), Argentinian (Gaucho) and Italian.  It is owned by Chef Mariano Maldonado and his wife, business woman Rocio Navarrete.  They’ve already been awarded Best Restaurant, Best Business and Best of the Gulfshore.  The ceviche is delicious, the steaks AMAzing!  They offer everything from salads to steaks, see their menu here,

If you are looking for quick service, this may not be it, but that’s not always a bad thing.  You want to enjoy this cuisine and savor the foods.  While we took pictures of our steak, ceviche and wine, my pics do them no justice.  Check out their fabulous website with picture, menus and the story about how El Gaucho Inca came to be, and boy are we glad they did.


gau•cho [pronounced gou-choh;]  a native cowboy of the South American pampas, usually of mixed Spanish and Indian ancestry.

In•ca  [Pronounced ing-kuh]  a member of any of the dominant groups of South American Indian peoples who established an empire in Peru prior to the Spanish conquest.