How Men Can Help an Overworked Mom

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In sickness and in health, in good times and bad
In sickness and in health, in good times and bad.
You’ve said it before and you’ve read it before, women are overworked at home, at work, in marriage, in motherhood, in life and many times we feel alone.  Some of us have a support system and have good husbands, partners, baby daddy’s whatever you call them.  And yes big ups to you guys who step up to the plate, we are thankful and grateful for you, however there will be times we need you to do more, period.   “But I do help”, you are thinking.  Sometimes, it is still not enough.  Now before you, my dear reader, flips out, let me explain.  I believe we should be grateful for the help you give us, no matter how small, but  lets not paint rainbows on dull landscapes in which the sun only shines sometimes, occasionally, or every other week.  We need you guys in our lives to be more consistent.  Be even more supportive than you are and allow us to have our breakdowns without thinking less of us.  For me, one of the times I still struggle with, is that time of the month where I experience PMS.  (Oh Yes, it is real my friends).  Perhaps you experience not so bad episodes of this, but for me, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve turned into a mini monster during “that” time.
I truly think that I need my husband to just take hold of the reigns for those days and let me be, because it is not healthy for anyone to be near me! HA! My already thinned out patience, totally disappears and I become enraged easily.  It is horrible but I recognize it and will start to ask for help during these times, but I need my hubby and all fathers out there to GET it and not give us ‘tude about our needs.  There may also just be a bad day for us, where we just need extra support and need you to handle it all.  Then there are the times we moms get sick, can’t get out of bed, can you cater to us please?!  Let us recuperate, build us back up.  An empty bag cannot stand alone.  In my household, we both work, and come home exhausted, I get it.  BUT there may be times where I need you to do homework with the kids, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, cook dinner, pack lunches, bathe each child, layout their pj’s, get out the school clothes for the next day, tuck them into bed, wash the dishes, tuck them into bed again, clean up the messes of the day, tell them to go back to bed, write in the kids school planners, maybe fold a load of laundry, yell at them to go back to bed.  Is this too much to ask?  Do you appreciate us and all that WE do consistently?  Mothers Unite, Let your Voice be heard.  Be grateful you hear, Be thankful they say, YES YES and YES!  But Men, be Grateful for US as well and help us recoup, give us hope in OUR time of need.  In sickness and health, on good days and bad days.  That is why I am calling all Fathers, to be there for our little ones, for us and save us in OUR time of Need! You’d be appreciated to infinity and beyond.

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