Hoping in Solitude

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It feels really odd as I sit here in some sort of limbo

Surrounded by many yet solitude fills me

So used to the emptiness in my space

Surrounded by too much

Wanting to push out these imaginary walls

Drowning in useless thoughts

Unbelievably, inexplicably fine with the chaos of nothingness

Yearning for that which I do not know

Wondering and hoping, one emotion useless and one needed,

These things of our life are the stories we create every day

Are these moments creating the best story of our lives?

Are my actions enough or my words sufficient?

Wondering, holding on to hope, of the future…

Co writing some lives and hoping its enough to be the best


Pen and Paper

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My soul aches and yearns for this pen and paper

My life gives no time to my dream, its like vapor

To express and to vent in written form

To let go and release my emotions and mourn

To write happy, write sad, write if i’m mad

So that years later I look back and feel glad

I have all my history written down for me to see

Not to have to solve  a mystery of what I went thru or how I should be

No question as to why I am the way I am

No wondering as to why I do the things I do

To learn from my past and remind my future self

Of all the wealth my life has shown

My mind has grown

So I can progress and never digress

Though I may feel slightly restless

My words will never be at rest

Because I ache for this pen and paper

Though I have no time to write my rhymes

This is in me

And now its inked on paper


A. Janeth Paez

*This was handwritten on 11/10/2010*