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Princess Coronation Braid

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 Coronation braid

All the girls are raving about Queen Elsa’s coronation braid from the Disney hit movie Frozen.  There are a ton of tutorials out there to follow.  The other day I made the mistake of showing my four year old a pin I found that I could not wait to try on her.  Apparently she could not wait either, she needed it now!  As in then and there at 9pm after her bath with no where to go but straight to bed.  Being summer and all, I gave in, partly because I was hoping to have a peaceful evening without any whining and partly because it was good to practice.  Here’s what we came up with.  It always helps to have clean hair, combed well without any knots.  I made a side braid with some loosened hair to the front because Addison doesn’t have bangs, but Elsa does in this pic.  Elsa has a twist, but remember this was just a quick practice run.   Then I braided the other side and tied both ends in the middle like a tiny loop, but she was worried about the front, it had to be just right.  Next time it will be a swept up side like the actual Elsa, but this was a good shot if you ask both of us.  What do you think?