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Is one of the most successful women in Music being cheated on?

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I don’t know about you but I am highly disappointed to hear all of the JayZ/Beyonce Divorce and Cheating Rumors.  Everyone is still speculating about Solange kicking Jay’s azz on that elevator but things just don’t make sense.  Why in the world would Beyonce stay so calm and collected IF Solange was sticking up for her?  I don’t see that.  I mean I have kicked azz for my sister and it was really the one and only time I threw down hardcore and all but she was in the fight too.  She wasn’t just standing there like a fly on the wall.  What I find ironic is how her songs seem a bit desperate, gone are the empowering songs like, Irreplaceable, Me, Myself and I and Single Ladies.  Now she’s talking bout drunk in love and even in the video she looks like shes sending a message, this is MAH MAN Bi*ches!  Don’t you agree.

bey and Jay drunk in love
This is MY MAN, Back off!


And then in her song, Partition, she’s saying, I just wanna be the kind of girl you like.  What?  Bey.. come on now, you should already be the kind of woman he adores.  I can’t understand why JayZ would step out on this beauty and yes I know that beauty is only skin deep, maybe she’s not nice, but I find that hard to believe.  She’s always been pleasant in interviews and seems so down to earth and I would lose even more faith in Men and their abilities to be faithful.

Only time will tell, in the meantime, I still can’t wait for the tell all book in 20 years that will really tell us what went down in that Elevator when Solange went all Ninja on Jigga man!